Across the globe, societies need to adapt to changing demographics, with older people making up an increasing part of the population. With 香港六合彩开奖 standards covering areas from home care solutions to age-friendly urban design, you optimize your contribution to quality of life and independence for older adults.


The many challenges in achieving a safer, healthier world of work

The world of work is reinventing itself at breakneck speed. OH&S must not only keep up, but think one step ahead to keep workers safe.  

By Britta Berge and Anne Livingstone on

Foresight trend report: Embracing the silver society

The world is being reshaped by demographic changes, including age. These population shifts will have implications for every part of society, but particularly for employment models.

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By Roxane Oclarino on

A society for all ages

A new era where people are living longer has arrived. Standards aim to create societies where everyone can age with a purpose. 

Top standards

General requirements and guidelines for an age-inclusive workforce
Framework for dementia-inclusive communities
General requirements and guidelines for carer-inclusive organizations